Friday, November 9, 2012

Riding the rails in San Diego

I spent yesterday afternoon riding around San Diego on their trolley lines with a $5 all-day pass.  This is the only picture I actually took for this post.  The others came from the MTS system web-sight.

As shown above there are three trolley lines that surround downtown and the greater San Diego area.  I started on the E Street Station Blue Line about seven miles south of downtown.  I changed to the Green Line at the 12th & Imperial Station and rode it to the Grossmont Station where I changed to the Orange Line which I rode back to the 12th & Imperial Station.  Then I was able to get back on the Blue Line for the ride back to the E Street Station in Chula Vista.

San Diego has a long trolley history dating back to the 1880's.  You can read more about it at:
The San Diego Trolley

Yesterday was actually my second trip on the trolley.  Last week on my trip to Balboa Park I took my bike along and got off at the City College Station shown here and continued by bike to the park.

On yesterday's ride I transferred to the Green Line that circles around to the west and north of downtown San Diego.  This is a picture of the stop at the Santa Fe railroad depot.

Near San Diego State University the trolley goes into a tunnel and ends up at this station at the university.

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