Wednesday, November 21, 2012

North Fortuna Peak

Yesterday I hiked up North Fortuna Peak in San Diego's Mission Trails Park.  My GPS tells me that is was a little over six miles round trip on the rout that I took.

Though this warning sign was right at the trail head I didn't see it until after I got back.  After thinking about this a bit it seems like it's not a big risk for me but I'll probably carry pepper spray in the future.

The trail starts near the Old Mission Dam.

The dam and canal were completed in 1816 after three years of construction and was in regular use until 1831.  Seems like a lot of work and expense for only 15 years of service.

The first half of the trail has some mild elevation changes.

Most of the elevation gain, to nearly 1200 ft, is on a power line access road and then the final trail to the summit.  The road was like walking on ball bearings on the way down.

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