Monday, February 23, 2009

Medford - Week #4.1

Oregon Trivia

In Portland, Oregon it's illegal to whistle underwater.

Saturday - February 21

Roxy Ann Peak

I took another hike on Roxy Ann Peak today and as you can see in the pictures tomorrows clouds and wet weather look like they are starting to arrive.

Sunday - February 22

Jacksonville Museum

I biked out to Jacksonville west of Medford today and visited the Jacksonville Museum. As you can see the weather was great on the five mile ride out to Jacksonville-- unfortunately it poured down rain the whole way back to Medford. The museum occupies the old Jacksonville Courthouse from back in the days before the county seat moved from Jacksonville to Medford. I'm normally too much of a cheapskate to pay the $5 required to tour the museum but I've made a number of visits to Jacksonville on this trip and have found the place to be full of very interesting history.

The museum provides many displays about the early history of Jacksonville. You can find more about the museum at: . One of the early residents of Jacksonville, Peter Britt, came to Jacksonville from Switzerland with $5 in his pocket at the age of 33. He had a background as a portrait painter and was pushing a two wheeled cart full of photographic equipment. He lead an incredibly interesting life as an artist, gold miner, mule skinner, painter, investor, wine maker, bee keeper, meteorologist, and photographer. A large part of the Jacksonville Museum is devoted to Peter Britt's accomplishments and life in Jacksonville. You can read more about Peter Britt at:

Monday - February 23

Habitat for Humanity

I volunteered again today at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Most of my time today was spent taking in donations, assembling items for display on the showroom floor, and helping customers load up cabinet and furniture purchases. The picture to the right is of the store's director, Jack, and another volunteer.

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