Thursday, February 5, 2009

Medford - Prologue


Mid-September last year I took what I knew to be the last camping trip of the year and very likely until the summer of 2009-- nine months away! I started thinking that maybe I would be better off living somewhere else; somewhere with a longer fair weather outdoor recreation season. 

So I started to think of places that I've been that might work better for me at this point in my life. A few years ago my friends Jeff and Mai were living in Medford, Oregon and I visited them there a number of times. I liked the area and especially the access to outdoor recreation and the fact that it gets a lot less rain than Seattle (18 inches vs. 36 inches in Seattle). So this fall I decided to give Medford a try and in particular try it out during a "bad" time of year in order to get the full picture. Soooo... here I am in Medford for the whole month of February and I decided to start this blog to record the trip. I'm hoping that by the end of February I'll be very clear on whether I want to move here or not but I know from experience that life usually isn't that simple.

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