Monday, February 16, 2009

Medford - Week #3.1

Oregon Trivia
NBC's Ann Curry grew up in Ashland, Oregon ten miles south of Medford.

Oregon's state flag pictures a beaver on its reverse side. It is the only state flag to carry two separate designs.

Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state.

Saturday - February 14
Bear Creek Greenway
Today I took another ride on the Bear Creek Greenway but this time I rode south to Ashland instead of north. The round trip to Ashland was about 35 miles including getting lost for a couple of miles along the way due to some confusing signs at a construction detour.
Through central Medford a lot of the trail is under I-5 and runs through a couple of city parks-- Hawthorne Park and Bear Creek Park. The trail is a great place to ride but doesn't seem very well connected to the communities is passes through and today
there were very few others on the trail-- in fact there were more walkers than bikers. I still haven't gotten over the number of bicyclists I see here that aren't wearing helmets. In fact most people aren't wearing them. Standard bike riding gear is a flannel shirt and a baseball hat.

By the time I got to Ashland it was late enough that that all I had time to do was find a place in Lithia Park next to Ashland Creek to eat my lunch then head back to Medford. The trip back was a little faster since it was mostly down hill and this time I didn't have to get lost figuring out the bike rout.

Sunday - February 15
A day of rest recovering from yesterdays bike ride.

Monday - February 16

I spent the day working at the Medford Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The building that the store is in also houses the local Habitat for Humanity offices and the proceeds from the store sales go to support local HH projects. Jack, the store's director, said that because of the holiday it was kind of a slow day. Which it was in the morning but after lunch things picked up quite a bit.

I spend the morning repricing a couple of boxes of cabinet hand pulls that looked like they were overstock items donated by some home improvement business. Then in the afternoon I helped put a bunch of other donated items-- doors, shelves, kitchen cabinets, etc-- out on the showroom floor. I'm planning to go back for another day next Monday.

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