Monday, December 5, 2011

Cannery Row - Monterey, California

I spent the day today biking around Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row which played a large part in John Steinbeck's books Sweet Thursday, Cannery Row, and Tortilla Flat.  There are two wharfs in Monterey: one is for real fishermen and the other is a commercial wharf for the tourists.  In this picture you're seeing the working fishermen's wharf.

I haven't seen very many seaside places where the water is as incredibly clear as it is hear.

There were a number of painters hanging out on the working wharf-- it was a great day for that.

Here you see the commercial wharf in the foreground and the working wharf in the background.

There's a bike trail along the waterfront that leads from the wharfs to Cannery Row.

With the decline of the Monterey sardine fishery the old sardine processing infrastructure was taken over by the tourist industry.

This appears to be one of the only sardine canneries to remain on Cannery Row.

I made it out of Monterey in time to drive a bit south of Carmel along California's Highway 1.

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