Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Attempted Boxing Day Robbery in Las Vegas

So, I was walking home from returning a DVD to the Las Vegas Clark County Library yesterday a couple of blocks from the hotel I'm staying at (10am, busy street, warm and sunny, picture below)  and a guy, while giving me the stink-eye, asks me for a dollar while I'm waiting for the light at a cross walk.  I declined.  More stink-eye... then he asks me, "So, what's you life worth?"  While giving him a little return stink-eye I don't answer him but reply with the same question, "What's YOUR life worth?"  He says, "Not a damn thing".  I responded with a little blah, blah, blah pep-talk, the light turned green and I was off.

It looked like I was in the clear for a few seconds when he started following me saying "there aren't any cameras here" and demanding money.  When he was about 15 feet away from me he pulled out a knife and again demands money.

I WISH I could report that I told him, "Look junior, you don't understand who your dealing with so unless you want to leave here wearing your asshole for a necklace I need to see you running that way like a girl pronto" (pointing with my flattend hand). What I really have to report is that I ran like a girl pronto through the front door of the hotel... with all of my money... and no knife holes. I think even if I'd given him the $1 he asked for at first it wasn't going to end there. Who would have thought this could happen at 10am on a street full of people on a bright sunny day. I was pretty lucky...  Las Vegas is an armpit...  I'm moving on to Lake Havasu a week from Friday.