Monday, August 8, 2011

Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Workshop

After the Port Townsend Jazz Festival I hung around for the next week to attend the Acoustic Blues Workshop.  I think this was the fourth time I've attended this workshop and I always leave thinking this was the best year ever.  The first year I took guitar classes, harmonica the second year, piano the third year, and this year it was the mandolin.

Jam sessions tend to break out all over the campus, all week long, and at all hours of the day.  This picture happens to be of a scheduled jam that took place on the back porch every afternoon.  I tended to try and sleep for a couple of hours in the early evening so I could last until 3am.

Here's the beginning mandolin class with our teacher Lauren Sheehan.  [you can hear some of her music at: ]  Lauren also taught an intermediate mandolin class that I took even though it was a bit over my head.

You can learn more about the acoustic blues workshop and festival at:

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