Monday, July 20, 2015

My Langins - The Langin Family Reunion - Part I

I spent a big part of the summer traveling back to Michigan from San Diego to attend a family reunion that my mom's side of the family has yearly near Riverdale, Michigan where my mother's father grew up. My grandfather's grandparents, JJ[1844-1904] & Anna[1847-1892] Langin,  came to the area near Riverdale from New Brunswick, Canada in the late 1800's to run a lumber camp.  A  reunion is held yearly at Lumberjack Park outside of Riverdale, about ten miles west of Alma, 60 to 70 people usually attend.  I think the young man in the picture below on the roof to the right and waving his hat is my great grandfather Charles Edwin Langin[1875-1953]. For a long time I thought it was his brother Samuel Jarvis. Then "someone" [who I don't remember] claimed it definitely wasn't Jarvis. So since I have no OTHER photo's that could be Charles Edwin... I'm saying "roof-boy" is him.

JJ & Anna Langin's Michigan lumber camp in the late 1800's on the Pine River.

The day before the reunion a number of us gathered at three different cemeteries near Riverdale to clean the grave stones if ancestors and family friends.

The gravestone we're gathered in front of is for JJ and Anna
Langin who came from Canada to Riverdale in the late 1800's

We only discovered that JJ was buried here recently and at nearly the same time found a copy of his death certificate. Numerous sources seem to indicate that he was really born in 1844 rather than the 1849 as shown on his death certificate and grave stone. We haven't been able to find a vital record for Anna but suspect she was born in 1847 and died about 1892.

The highlight of the reunion for me was the time I was able to spend with Patrick Langin, now in his mid-seventies, talking about the times he had met my great grandfather Charles Edwin who was living in Louisville, Kentucky where he ran a candy store for many years. In the late '40's Patrick traveled from Ft. Wayne, Indiana to Louisville on the train with his grandfather, Samuel Jarvis Langin, who was Charles Edwin's brother. Patrick was a young boy of 9 or 10 and he had very clear memories of his visits with my great grandfather. Patrick said it was the first time he'd ever seen a television in someone's home and visiting his great uncle's candy store was a memorable experience for a young boy.

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Left to right: Joe Leeak, Mike Langin, with father Patrick Langin, & son John Langin.

Another highlight of the reunion for me was being able to play music with cousins Dick Langin, his brother Scott, and their sister Pam Marsh. In the picture below we're getting our music together to play for the group:

Left to right: Dick Langin, his brother Scott Langin, 
& Joe Leeak, getting their music ready.

Reunion picture.

Reunion quilt.
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