Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hike Up Pilot Butte - Bend, OR

Today I went for a short hike up Pilot Butte, a volcanic cinder cone, located within the city of Bend and only about a mile from my friends Perry and Carol's house at the Higher Ground Co-Housing community.  There are a number of cinder cones like this in this area of central Oregon.

Pilot Butte's peak is about 500 feet above the surrounding city and takes about an hour to hike the round trip from the base to the summit.

There are a lot of Juniper trees along the trail and are full of Juniper berries at this time of year.  The berries are pretty small and firm at this point and taste like pine needles.  These berries can be used to flavor gin and give it it's characteristic pine needle taste.

In this view to the west you see smoke from the forest fires near Sisters, OR about 20 miles away.

Mt Bachelor to the west and obscured by smoke.

I think these are the Three Sisters peaks to the west obscured by lots of  smoke from the forest fires.

South view from the top of Pilot Butte.

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