Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arched Rock Loop Trail

[Near Lake Havasu City, AZ]

This 4.5 mile hike was actually one of the harder hikes I've done this winter with lots of up & down, narrow skinny trails, and some steep exposure in parts.  At the right you see the entry into a narrows known as "The Crack".

It started out fairly wide and easy going.
There were a number of dry waterfalls.  This was the biggest at about 7ft high.  It wouldn't be possible to get back up it without the rope.  Luckily I wouldn't have to worry about that since I was doing this as a loop hike.
At it's narrowest the canyon was only a little over a foot wide.

Then all of a sudden it was over and the trail fell out into a wide dry wash.
First view of Arched Rock.
Arched Rock close-up.
This is one of the first wildflowers I've seen in the desert; I don't know what this is yet.  [ 2/19/2012 -  Though far from it's full size I know now that this is a Brittlebush.]

This was the dry wash I followed on the rout back to the trail head.  The return trip was a bit of an adventure because the rout was hard to find and follow but I made it in pretty good time with the help of my GPS and ariel photo of the area I'd loaded on to my cell phone.

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