Wednesday, January 25, 2017

San Clemente/Rose Canyon Hiking Trail

Last Wednesday, January 18th, I rode the bus up to the start of the San Clemente and Rose Canyon hiking trail shown below.

San Clemente Rose CanyonTrail profile

I dropped down into Rose Canyon next to where the railroad tracks cross under Genesee Ave at the beginning of the 4 1/2 mile hike

The trail is fairly flat and easy to follow.

Just beyond the midpoint of the hike the trail crosses under Hwy 52 close to the railroad tracks. The Mid-Coast Trolley line is under construction here.

Though it wasn't marked very well  when I did the hike this portion of the trail isn't technically open. But I did manage to get through. 

The hike really ended for me here at Marian Bear Natural Park. It's possible to continue on back to Genesee Ave and I-805 if your up for it. I wasn't able to flag down a bus on Regents Road so walked up to the bus stop on Luna Ave.
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