Friday, August 14, 2015

My Langins - My Great Great Grandfather, JJ Langin's, Birth Year

There appears to be some controversy about the birth year of my great great grandfather James John [JJ] Langin. His death certificate appears to clearly show 1849, two years after his wife's DOB in 1847, as the year of his birth. Based on that we proceeded to purchase and engrave a stone for his grave at the Elm Hall Cemetery in Elm Hall Michigan.

Since that time documents have come to light that suggest 1849 is NOT the correct birth year for James. The 1871 Canadian Census appears to show his age as "27" making his birth year "about 1844" as it appears in an transcription.

We also know from his mother's gravestone that she died in 1847  making an 1849 DOB for James impossible.

James father Samuel Langin did not remarry until 1850 when he married Margret Ferguson. Making an 1849 birth by the "new" step mother unlikely.

The 1861 Canadian Census and 1880 U.S. Census records also  appear to show that the 1849 DOB is probably incorrect and 1844 is much more likely.