Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don Leeak's WWII B29 in flight...

These pictures were taken during the last mission flown by the B-29 bomber that my dad flew in WWII.

From: :

Another view of plane #58 on the same flight.
A picture of this plane is on the back cover of the Pirates Log.
There is a possibility that this airplane was named "Virgin Sturgeon".

The Air Crew

On the last mission the aircraft commander was Capt Sam J. Scurria, on TDY effective 6 Jul 1945 from the 507th Bomb Squadron, 333rd Bomb Group, 316th Bomb Wing. Here is a listing of the crew members:

Cpt Samuel Joseph "Sam" Scurria (A/C)
2/Lt Donald F. Leeak
1/Lt Arthur M. Shelton
2/Lt Robert V. Tuggle
T/Sgt Thomas D. Keywood
Cpl Morris L. Berman
Cpl Robert S. Brown (CFC)
Cpl James E. "Jim" Church
Cpl William Kristufek
Cpl Charles L. Hamlin
2/Lt Forrest L. Gager

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Santee Lakes Audubon Bird Walk

This morning I went on a San Diego Audubon bird walk at Santee Lakes about 15 miles north of where I'm staying in Chula Vista.  Wow, this place is a goldmine for it's variety of birds!

This snowy egret was a favorite-- standing on one leg on a twig at the top of this tree.

And this great glue heron was another favorite for the day.

And we were lucky enough to see my favorite bird of all time a Belted Kingfisher.