Thursday, October 10, 2013

Don Leeak's WWII B29 in flight...

These pictures were taken during the last mission flown by the B-29 bomber that my dad flew in WWII.

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Another view of plane #58 on the same flight.
A picture of this plane is on the back cover of the Pirates Log.
There is a possibility that this airplane was named "Virgin Sturgeon".

The Air Crew

On the last mission the aircraft commander was Capt Sam J. Scurria, on TDY effective 6 Jul 1945 from the 507th Bomb Squadron, 333rd Bomb Group, 316th Bomb Wing. Here is a listing of the crew members:

Cpt Samuel Joseph "Sam" Scurria (A/C)
2/Lt Donald F. Leeak
1/Lt Arthur M. Shelton
2/Lt Robert V. Tuggle
T/Sgt Thomas D. Keywood
Cpl Morris L. Berman
Cpl Robert S. Brown (CFC)
Cpl James E. "Jim" Church
Cpl William Kristufek
Cpl Charles L. Hamlin
2/Lt Forrest L. Gager