Sunday, September 8, 2013

San Miguel Mountain Hike

Today I hiked on 2550 ft San Miguel Mountain a few miles east of where I'm staying here in Chula Vista south of San Diego.  I went with my friend Jimmy who hikes up San Miguel every week or so.  We started pretty early, I left home at 8am which got us on the trailhead by 8:30 [VERY unusual for me], because I sort of wanted to be done by noon because of the temps. [It was 81 deg when I got back home]  Jimmy claims though that a cool breeze off the ocean starts up about 10am.

Jimmy's a way faster hiker than I am so at about the half way point he blasted out ahead and made it to the top at a little after 10 am--  when I still had another 500 or 600 ft of vertical to go which may have taken me another 20 mins to a half hour.   So, I didn't make it to the summit but there'll be other chances.

I drank 2 quarts of water on the hike, and still lost 4 pounds.

Looking at the trail coming down from San Miguel Mtn.  Otay Lake, where I hiked last week, on the left in the distance.