Monday, April 1, 2013

San Diego City Hikes - Tecolote Canyon

The city of San Diego has lots of canyons of all sizes and a number of them are used as parks.  A couple of days ago I took a hike at  Tecolote Canyon.

A list of the birds I saw at:
Hundreds of years ago, the Kumeyaay Indians found food and shelter in Tecolote Canyon. It has been shown on maps of the area for almost two hundred years and was given the name Tecolote, or owl, for the small raptors who call this canyon home.

One of the first settlers in the canyon was Judge Hyde who built a house and began farming in Tecolote Canyon in 1872. Farming and ranching continued until World War II and as late as 1953, cattle were still grazing the canyon. Startled residents sometimes found mounted cowboys herding stray cows out of the backyards of the canyon's rim-side homes.  Tecolote Canyon was purchased by the City of San Diego in 1978.

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