Friday, February 10, 2012

Havasu Visitors

My brother Dave and his wife Jan stopped to visit me here in Havasu for a few days.  We took three hikes while they were here.

We actually did the hardest hike on the first day out.  It was about three miles long and went through a very cool narrows which is a dry creek bed, usually that is, and involved going down a number of dry water falls.  The biggest one of which is shown to the left.

 So we survived the narrows and took the high trail back so as not to have to retrace our steps through the narrows.

The next day we hiked to Pittsburg Mine in the foot hills to the east of Lake Havasu City.  This mine was first discovered and developed in about 1879 and was then worked again in the early 1900's.  This is what remains of the main mine shaft, which has been mostly filled in.

 The trail to the mine mostly required walking up a dry wash with several waterfalls.  They tend to be easier to go up that to come down.

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