Monday, June 21, 2010

Oregon travels...

On Friday June 18th  I left for a trip to Oregon for at least a week and maybe until just before July 4th.

On the way to Bend I stopped off for a night to visit my friends Mancil and Jennifer who live in Independence, OR just outside of Salem.   Mancil's daughter and her partner Shawn came over on Saturday morning to show off their new recumbent trike-bikes-- here's Mancil showing off.

On Saturday I left Independence for Bend and arrived at my friends Perry and Carol's house in the mid-afternoon.
On Sunday we took a bike ride and here you can see Perry and Carol on the covered bridge at Shevlin Park in Bend.

 My friends Perry and Carol on a bike ride to Shevlin Park in Bend, OR.

While reading the newspaper I noticed that Merl Haggard was going to be playing a concert at the outdoor arena adjacent to downtown Bend Sunday evening. I'm not really a huge "Hag" fan but I used to play in a group where we had some fun playing a couple of the Hag's songs-- Okie from Muskogee and another one I don't remember. Thinking we might be able to hear some of Merl's magic cruising the arena Perry, Carol, and I decided to take a stroll around the arena to see what we could hear. I expected there to be a couple of opening bands before Merl would play so planned our arrival for a little less than two hours after the advertised start time. Bad idea... By the time we got there the concert was over and Merl's bus was pulling out. But I'm hopping that when judgement day comes I'll at least get credit for trying to see Merl live when I had the chance.

On Monday we biked to McKenzie Pass west of Sisters, OR.  The road is closed to cars right now and open to only bikes and pedestrians.  It took about two hours to ride to the top of the pass and twenty minutes to ride back down.  The round trip was probably less that 20 miles.

Me on the McKenzie Pass bike ride.

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