Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Trusty Oldsmobile

My Trusty Oldsmobile – By Joe Leeak

Well now my [A]trusty Oldsmobile
It’s when I [D]get behind the wheel
It wants to [A]go
And not too [E]slow
My Olds[A]mobile

Well I could drive it to LA
And it will drive and drive all day
It wants to go
And not to slow
My Oldsmobile

I want to drive it all day long
And do it while I sing this song
While in my Olds
Don’t drive too slow
My Oldsmobile

Well now I met her in a bar
She said she really liked my car
Let’s go outside
I want a ride
Your Oldmobile

And so out the door we went
And we’ve be happy ever since
It’s while we ride
In our Oldmobile
In our Oldsmobile

Well you can bet we love our Olds
It gets us where we want to go
It’s not to slow
Our Oldsmobile
Our Oldsmobile

So when you find you need a ride
Then in your Lexus do not hide
Go get an Olds
It’s not to slow
That Oldsmobile

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