Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Seattle Bike Expo

Saturday - March14

Today my friend David and I went to the Seattle Bicycle Expo. This year the Expo was held out at Magnusun Park, the retired Sand Point Naval Base, in an old airplane hangar. As a result of the pouring rain we got diverted from our original plan to bike there. A lot of people must have done the same thing because the parking was a nightmare.

I was especially interested in looking at folding bikes. But only two vendors had any folding bikes displayed and they were both the same kind-- Dahons. It turns out REI's Navara brand folding bike is made by Dahon.

I did run across these cool handlebar grips though made by Ergon and bought a pair. They're VERY comfortable!

I had intended to take my camera and get some pics but had put my camera with my bike helmet so I'd be sure to take it... so much for that plan.

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