Friday, May 29, 2015

Laguna Mountain Recreation Area

On Thursday I drove up to the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area in the Cleveland National Forest about an hour east of San Diego. I met up with my friends Jimmy and Mary for a hike to Laguna Meadow. The wildflowers were in full bloom with lots of Indian Paintbrush like what's shown to the right.

After our hike to Laguna Meadow, a little over five miles long, and a nap for me, I hiked a couple of miles on the Pacific Crest Trail next to the roadside park where I made dinner.

On Friday morning I got on the trail early for a quick four mile hike to Water In the Woods and Big Laguna Lake which is nearly bone-dry.

 Lucky for us they're saying there's a chance for an El Nino because ,as you can see here, Big Laguna Lake is bone dry-- normally filled to overflowing at this point. About 1-in-10 trees seem to be dying.

I hiked a little over eleven miles in the last two days and am looking forward to a rest this weekend.  Zzzzzz...