Monday, December 31, 2012

Anniversary Mine and Anniversary Narrows

Anniversary Narrows.

Abandoned concrete spillway/stop log structure on top of the dam adjacent to the mine entrance.

It looks like the spillway was built in 1930 which I find curious since I think the mine was shut down before then.

2012 Reading List

Thereby Hangs a Tail - Spencer Quinn
Smokin' Seventeen - Janet Evanovitch
The Affair - Lee Child
The Witch of Hebron - James Kunstler
'V' is for Vengence - Sue Grafton

Saturday, December 15, 2012

River Mountain Trail

Where I'm staying here in Boulder City, Nevada [20 miles east of Las Vegas] is right on the edge of the River Mountains.  On Saturday my friend Wayne and I took a hike on the River Mountain Trail leaving from the trail head on the west side of town.

This picture, of Wayne, is taken near the high-point of the trail. [looking east]

One of the mountain sheep we saw on the way up.

Las Vegas in the distance from the high-point.[looking west]